Alok Mathur

Director General

Alok is a business management professional with over 28 years of experience in IT, Telecom, Engineering, Education and Not-for-Profit industries including a short stint in teaching management graduates. He has worked as sales and marketing head covering PAN India in IT and engineering fields for close to two decades. Years of experience in varied business domains with an earlier technical spell has sharpened his senses to understand a business from all angles, typical blockades & how to overcome them, identifying opportunities that are that are there at all times and yet ignored often and complexities of intricately woven departmental dynamics including the human psychology that plays a major role. His tenure in TiE further widened his domain, understanding the dynamics of entrepreneurship in terms of avenues and challenges. He had been instrumental in supporting many startups during those days, which has again given him an edge to differentiate between viable and not so viable business opportunities. His ability to slip into organization’s culture has helped him stand uninterrupted for this long facing good and bad times.

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