Begüm Mermeroğlu

Mermeroğlu Law & Consultancy
Attorney (Turkey)

Attorney at law Ms.Begüm Mermeroğlu is the owner of Mermeroğlu Law & Consultancy firm established in Ankara, Turkey. She also legal advisor and Board Member of Qanaq Consultancy. She graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law in 2009 and continued her education life at Ankara University with a master’s degree in Foreign Trade and International Marketing. Ms.Begüm Mermeroğlu is already a member of different non-governmental organizations in Turkey. She is a member of Beşiktaş Sports Club Congress, a member of the Turkish Ice Hockey Federation Central Referee Committee, a member of the Hacettepe University Sports Club Board of Directors, and a board member of various associations formed by businessmen. Among the multiple professional pieces of training, she succeeded in foreign trade expertise, foreign investment law, national and international arbitration commercial law, public procurement law, contracts law, health law, energy law, mediation, project management, finance and MBA. She works as an advisor to public institutions and private companies in the fields of law and management in international investment and construction projects. Mermeroğlu Law & Consultancy is part of the WILL (World Independent Lawyers League) and has legal partnerships across the World. Qanaq Consultancy is part of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce. Mermeroğlu Law & Consultancy and Qanaq Consultancy are part of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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