Samuel J. Berko

Samuel J. Berko

Samuel Junior Berko is a well-travelled international businessman and is the President and Chief Executive Director of the Microgenius Enterprise Group. An excellent business negotiator deploying international corporate governance jurisprudence knowledge to shore up confidence in contracts execution and business relations.

He is a young entrepreneur with witty invention and innovative skills who exudes tenacious approach towards work and with over a decade of experience in the oil and gas sales/purchase, commodity trading, general merchandising, e-currency advisory services, consultancy and many more; Samuel has developed an enviable benchmark for corporate and business success.

In the past, he has managed a number of companies responsible for TV and Radio commercials for some corporate giants in the multi-media industry also co-producing renowned motion pictures globally. His experience in the areas of branding, media buying, launching, documentaries, concept development, movie production, music videos, TV commercials, voice-overs for radio ads are highly remarkable and he comes highly recommended.

His professional practice and service portfolio includes the development of systems; for foreign businesses with interest to operate at optimal level, while assisting them with consulting services, registration of companies, trade brokering, logistics, feasibility and marketing, business incubation and developmental services, as well as provision of operational support services and strategies. His reputation is founded upon assisting clients to solve business related problems that arise from their day-to-day operations.

He has built an enviable niche for himself and the Company “The Microgenius Enterprise” as a go-to business success drive personality. He has a unique way of assembling top notch templates using upheaval technology to spearhead seamless workflows, detaching market systems frictions and saving turnaround time. His playbook is an oasis of the expansionist theory backed by data to foster applicability, standing the test of time.

As a testament of his enduring business acumen, coupled with his principled stance on getting the work done in the best ethical and international best practices known, he has been appointed and sits on the highly revered Advisory Board of the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) and as the Vice President of the Ghana Chapter, respectively. He brings to the advisory board an array of metonymies, transcending many spheres of endeavors. This stamps his magnanimous resolve to see to an all-embracing growth for society, underpinned by working relationships which engender mutual camaraderie of captains of prominent industries, policy makers, governance fronters, NGOs, international relations promoters, trade experts and finance modelers.

In addition, he is keen on leading and supporting clients’ successful drafting of Sales and Purchase Agreements (SPAs), Service-Level Agreements (SLAs), Memorandum of Understanding /Agreements (MOUs/MOAs) Joint Venture (JVAs) and Trade Procedures  by offering valuable insights on operability and legality.

Samuel is also the Head of Business Development and International Protocol for the Private Office of Edward Agyekum Kufuor.