About Us

Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI), Foundation is registered in the state of Delaware, USA as a private, non-stock corporation to act as a trade & business promoting chamber supporting SMEs and industries by means of representing them as bilateral chamber for the Asian and African region and help them to build better economic growth and sustainable business. The chamber was earlier founded in 2015 by CIHF (Confederation of International Healthcare Foundation), established and registered under B.P.T. Act XXIX of 1950, Government of India, Since 2005, by the presidents/representatives of various Commerce Chambers and professionals of high repute from the entire Asian-African region with a view to giving the business community of both these regions a voice and a tool to foster development and realize UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030. This chamber’s Global Secretariat Hub is registered under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013, Government of India as a non-profit organisation. Its organized exclusively for charitable, religious or educational purposes within the meaning of section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The African Secretariat Hub of Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry is founded and affiliated with ICCA incorporated under the Companies & Allied Matters Act 1990, as amended by Cap 20 of Law of Federation 2004 (Limited by Guarantee) to the glory of God and the benefits/services of mankind.

The chamber serves as the key liaising body representing the views of both African and Asian business and enterprises, having business interests in their respective countries. As the voice of business, the Chamber’s core objective is to advocate for free and enterprise with member countries’ parliaments, industry commissions, regulatory bodies such as WTO, and governments around the Africa-Asian countries.

To translate that vision into reality, the founding members of AACCI set to create transnational corporations, which would have presence in all associated member countries and whose capital would be built by nationals of all 102 prospective member countries. AACCI is now developed as a transnational chamber working in conjunction and affiliation with other National & Regional Chamber partners dedicated to spreading the support for trade, business & investment.

AACCI has set a goal to propel the major integration projects initiated by the esteemed governments of the countries to their effective realization and initiate a dialogue to eradicate trade deficiencies through multi-lateral advocacy programmes. AACCI promotes the interests of its member’s business while cooperatively working to establish an environment and economic climate for success in the business community in Asian and African. It provides a platform for profitable interaction between the African and Asian business communities to enhance trade and commerce in their respective countries.

In doing so, the AACCI directs its energy in assisting Asian inbound investments into Africa, and leverages on this experience by assisting Asian organizations through the various networks which have been built in Africa. Currently the AACCI is the only chamber of its kind at the apex level to the existing bi-lateral chambers across the two regions. The AACCI, with the support of its satellite offices in India, Nigeria, Ghana, Mauritius, Kenya, Australia, USA and Sri Lanka liaises with local/bilateral chamber of commerce to promote its members’ interest.

From its headquarters in India, the Chamber maintains a team of experts to help drive and meet the challenges and goals, its pro-business agenda and the mission with which it was established. The chamber works to achieve these objectives by means of activities, services and lobbying, such as networking events, trade & investment policies of various countries, business development opportunities, etc. Trade between African and Asian countries has increased rapidly in recent years, reflecting a synergy between two of the world’s fastest growing economic regions.