Our Achievement

"The Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry Foundation (AACCI) is delighted to share the exciting news of being officially recognized by the esteemed India Glory Books of Records, securing the distinguished title of "The Fastest Growing Chamber of Commerce in India." This noteworthy achievement serves as a testament to the concerted hard work, unwavering support provided to our members, and the sustained dedication demonstrated through rigorous continuous efforts.

This recognition extends beyond a mere award; it embodies a jubilant celebration of the collective strides we've taken as an organization. It is a nod to the dedication of our members and the dynamic leadership that has propelled us to this accolade. Furthermore, this recognition acts as a powerful motivator, inspiring us to set even more ambitious goals for the future.

As we acknowledge this accomplishment, we express our gratitude to our members, whose commitment and collaboration have been instrumental in achieving this milestone. The journey doesn't end here; it marks the beginning of a new chapter as we aspire to foster ongoing growth, prosperity, and success for the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Here's to the promising future that lies ahead!"