AACCI Membership Benefits

Joining AACCI opens doors to a myriad of opportunities, providing you with unparalleled access to a dynamic network within the Asian-African Diaspora and the global industry. As a member, you’ll actively contribute to shaping economic and industrial policies by fostering close relationships with governmental bodies. AACCI’s proactive approach is designed to elevate your efficiency and competitiveness in the following key areas:

Knowledge Enhancement:

  • Stay informed about global trends impacting your business.
  • Access industry best practices on competitiveness.
  • Improve internal efficiency and productivity.
  • Gain insights into government policies and their implications for businesses.

Networking Opportunities:

  • Engage with influential figures from Indian and Global Corporate Majors.
  • Utilize AACCI as a platform to elevate your business and explore new markets.
  • Opportunity to participate in periodic events such as Annual General Meetings, Conferences, Seminars, Panel Discussions, Workshops & Webinars, Delegations, Award Functions, etc.

Linkages and Collaboration:

  • Share your best practices with fellow members.
  • Contribute to enhancing competitiveness between Asian and African Industries.

Digital Presence:

  • Digitally active on various social media platforms. Website is a single point of contact for all updates

Advisory & Sector Committees

  • Sector Committees across various industries, focus on knowledge sharing as well as addressing various issues and challenges

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):

  • Seize the opportunity to give back to society.
  • Participate in meaningful initiatives supported by our philanthropic partners – CIHF & WPDO.
  • Support AACCI in contributing to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

AACCI membership is your gateway to a diverse and impactful community that actively shapes the economic landscape. Join us in advancing industries, fostering collaboration, and making a positive impact on society.

Reasons to Join AACCI

1. Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI) provides an opportunity to its members for close interaction with the renowned Members, Central & State Governments, international agencies and academia of Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

2. AACCI provides Assistance to trade and industry for establishing a competitive presence at the national and international level.

3. AACCI promotes international trade through meetings with visiting foreign business delegations, participation in Trade Fairs/ Exhibitions and business delegations abroad.

4. AACCI gives Expert advice on diverse subjects such as industrial growth, monetary and fiscal policy, exchange rate policy, economic planning, taxation and corporate laws.

5. AACCI provides regular and timely information to its members on latest national and international policies goverment legislations and technical developments.

6. AACCI generates awareness and gathers public support regarding specific aspects of business for overall business development.

7. AACCI provides an opportunity to its members to interact with policy makers, foreign investors and trade & industry, thereby extending a considerable say in the legislation process.

8. AACCI provides a platform to interact and gain professional knowledge through seminars, workshops and round table meetings.

9. AACCI publishes Periodicals, Bulletin, Overseas Business Contacts, Parliamentary Digest, News & Views Weekly etc, which are accessible to the members.

    10. Members of AACCI get concessions in fee for participating in various paid programmes.

    11. AACCI is a platform for the business society to give back to the community by being involved in important initiatives by philanthropic partners – CIHF & WPDO and support in realising the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals