• To facilitate advocacy, dialogue and exchange of information between Members and the Member countries’ government officials and agencies in order to improve the business climate in the region, and to promote Asian business interests in African;
  • To promote, facilitate and increase two-way investment, business and trade flows between Asian and African Member Nations;
  • To raise the profile of African Nations in the Asian business community and vice-versa;
  • To implement – when appropriate – Asian projects, support the Asian Member Nations and its missions and/or business organizations in African and vice-versa in accordance with the provisions of these Statutes, and to complement  bilateral activities carried out by missions and/or business organizations of Member States;
  • To provide Services to Members and non-Members relating to economic, legal, technical, financial, market and other business issues in the Member States and – when appropriate – Globally;
  • To facilitate the creation of strategic alliances between small and medium size companies of Asian and African Member States;
  • To undertake all activities to achieve the above-stated objectives, in conformity with these Statutes, the ASIAN-AFRICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY Rules and the ASIAN-AFRICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY Decision.