AACCI represents the engagement of more than 100 Countries, Corporates, Associations and Individual Professionals from all over the Asian-African region, encompassing all sectors of multi-lateral trade, industry and commerce. AACCI is the widest Commerce Chamber conceptualized in 2015 and caters directly and indirectly to all tentative member countries from all over these two continents.

AACCI comprises of Industry experts and affiliated regional Chambers, who regularly take up global developments of utmost consideration to the interests of its members. It continuously interacts with Government bodies of its member countries and contemplate advocacy on important regulations in the shaping of MSME, Trade, Fiscal and Social policies.

AACCI provides a platform to its members to project their policies and programmes to the concerned authorities. It also organizes important workshops/ seminars/ conferences and coordinate interactive sessions with the policy makers. AACCI also regularly mounts delegations to many important countries.

AACCI has the honour of hosting International Business Delegations, World leaders, Peace Ambassadors, renowned Industrialists, Bureaucrats, Government Officials, Economists, Scientists, Bankers, Social activists. It also provides networking opportunities for its constituents and also makes special efforts to emphasise its member’s view-points in policy formulations. AACCI strive to add a lot of value to its members.

Our proposed Members are from Financial Institutions, International Conglomerates, Global Corporate, Regional SME, Public Sector Undertakings and Professionals.

In view of the revolutionary platform that we provide, setting benchmark in not just backward-forward trade & commerce linkages but also providing technologically most advanced endeavour such proportions; may we invite you to become a member of AACCI, thereby contributing to the development of commerce by voicing your views straight to the place where they are heard.