Membership Categories

Associate Member

National / Regional / International Chambers, Trade Bodies, Councils or Organisations of industry interests are eligible.  Affiliation to AACCI of such bodies would not affect the autonomy or independence of the affiliated body, which would retain the complete right to decide and to pursue its own line of action.

Patron / Benefactor Member

This category has large companies, MNCs, PSUs and financial institutions. Maximum number is restricted to 150. Besides regular services, special privileges are offered to patron members.

Corporate Member

Firms, Sole Proprietary concerns, Manufacturing companies, services companies, corporate bodies or any other body engaged in trade, commerce, agriculture, services or profession are eligible for corporate membership.

Individual Member

  • Non-business members and seniors who would like to be connected with the Asian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry and do not have or promote a business.
  • Consultants