Dr. Vishal Kalra

Dr. Vishal Kalra – a young entrepreneur and a philanthropist with holding professional certifications at national and international level. It takes time to nurture and develop achievements and success. And for him, success is nothing major but a state of contentment achieved with the fusion of diligence and never-ending efforts. The best quality people adore in him is Unlike the dreamer, he believes the real Vishal Kalra in him is a creator.

Throwing some light on him, he is a young entrepreneur who has delved his hands for an IT start-up named Designistic Global Pvt. Ltd. which he started from his home. As every business needs investment, he made a small investment of his laptop in it. He always thinks of giving jobs rather than looking for a job. With this aim in mind, he initiated this IT start-up which is flourishing lucratively. Since the early teens, he holds a spirit of being distinguished. At the age of 18, his arduous journey commenced.

He always has been an avid learner and his quest to hunt for knowledge and innovation never let the inner him to stop for new things to try.

The struggle to reach today’s point is not a piece of cake.

In 2019, he initiated his startup, Initiating this IT start-up brought a revolution in his life and it made ways for new thresholds of opportunities to flourish ahead in life. He started Designistic Global with the utmost unique idea and concept. He believes that there’s much to learn and explore and he aims to make his company a worldwide brand identity in the niche of IT.

During the life span of 23 years, he has achieved various awards and appreciations for Designistic Global and those achievements always boosts him to do more and more. For motivation, he always thinks of his parents. They have done much for him and now is his time. His dream is to establish the company worldwide by covering milestones and making it a brand name. For all this to happen, continuously, he is inculcating his endeavours.

At the age of 25, he turned into IT Tycoon. He collected several awards that include winning the “Young Entrepreneur Award 2020″, ” Youth Icon in Web Development and IT services in PAN India”, “Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year in IT and ITES in Asia”, ” Global Men Leaders to look up to into 2021″ and so on. Recently he also achieved  his D.A.S. in entrepreneurship ( Honorary Degree ).

He released projects such as THE TOP TALK and THE FUTURE MAGAZINE His company Designistic Global joins hands with many international firms eg. Vuenow Group. With the mission to grow and create awareness of IT industry in rural areas. He built his office in APRA and no doubt His strenuous efforts built a strong foundation in the IT world..

As people say that He is truly an amalgamation of passion, courage, and instincts  which made him possible to outshine incredibly in this tech-savvy world.

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