HRH Prince Dr Rina Telesphore

HRH Prince Dr Rina Telesphore

“Positive Happiness is a personal choice”

“Word of God, Integrity, Sensitivity and Experience” as a Core Values Head of the Royal House of Andriakazomanga Zafimbolamena ,His Royal Highness Prince Dr Rina Telesphore, is the direct descendant of two kingdoms Sakalava from his father and Merina Vakinankaratra from his mother. The peculiarity of his family is the sacredness as king priest from generation to generation.

His Highness speaks 7 languages and by his education and experience has hold various important position as chairman of different Associations, Universities and Companies in several countries Having a degree as Master Jeweller from the HBJO Paris, and owner of some mines. He has an expertise in gold, precious metal, refinery and High End Jewelry field.

He hold the position of Chairman for the Association of Jewellers, Lapidaries and Mining Exploitants
(ABLEM) in Madagascar (about 300K members)

He is also the former Chairman of the Federation of Jewelers in Indian Ocean. (FIBOI)

His Royal Highness is very concerned about the development and empowerment of his people. Through his leadership ,his family has given support to women and children through “Vavy Hendry Association.”

He is also Senior Pastor of the Sanctuaire Chrétien International, a ministry based in Mauritius in order to give support to his compatriots and share the christian value to them.

As a Pan-Africanist and resolutely turned towards the well-being of humanity, He is the Special Envoy for Madagascar and Southern Africa at the Africa Diaspora Union Organization.

He is actually President-Patron of Trade & Investment for East Africa and Madagascar at Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club.

His Royal Highness holds Doctorate in Business Administration in Banking (DBA) with A+ distinction as well as a triple Doctorate Honoris Causa in Diplomacy, Humanities and Human Rights from Harvest Christian University in Dallas Texas.

He holds also a Professional Doctorate Certificate (PDC) in global Leadership & Management from European International University for his achievements.

He has a Vision for Madagascar.