Martin Benjamin Kalala

Martin Benjamin Kalala

Professional Experience


Managing a group 45 employee and:
Setting strategy and direction
Modeling and setting the company’s culture, values, and behavior
Building and leading the senior executive team
Allocating capital to the company’s priorities

Public Relations Manager, MANITOU INVESTMENT

Help company to persuade legislators to vote on public policy in favor of their clients’ interests. Create and maintain a favorable public image for their employer or client by communicating programs, accomplishments and/or points of view. … They will also typically manage the public relations department budget. They typically report to the head of a unit/department.

International Trade Advisor Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Republic of Congo)

Responsible for coordinating credit and financial activities and obtaining payments for import/export operations. Acts as an advisor on matters of tariffs, markets, and national and foreign regulations. Ensures that all filings, documents, and regulatory reporting are completed accurately, in a timely manner, and according to trade laws. Keeps informed of international events and changes to laws and requirements that may impact operations. Negotiate letters of credit and handle issues with international banks for the department of Commerce

Executive secretary of Africa –USA Trade Center

Responsible for administering the activities and business affairs of the organization. Supporting the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee. Ensuring meetings are effectively organized and minute. Maintaining effective records and administration.

Bachelor degree in Business -2003.
International Trade Certification
International trade and commercials policies Training
Trade and Tariffs Training.

Computer Skills
Microsoft office, WMS, GPSM, HTML, Windows Explorer, Chrome…

Languages: English, French