Yohannes Minale

International Business Relations and Secretary

Yohannes Minale is the Customer Development Operations Manager for Unilever Ethiopia, where he spearheads cross-cutting business operations and products and accomplishing business targets. Yohannes also served as a CMI (Consumer and Market Insight) Manager for Unilever Ethiopia, focusing on frugal research and digitizing research. In addition to his roles in Ethiopia, he undertook a highly successful short-term assignment as a Customer Development Excellence Manager at Unilever Kenya, contributing to the company’s strategic initiatives and operational excellence.

Prior to the current role he was the CD IT Manager for Unilever Ethiopia, which he was responsible for lean like a start-up approach to work, agile way of working, flow to work, data driven CD community, data and insights and data driven decision making. Prior to his time at Unilever, he was the Senior IT consultant for Servetech systems ltd, Kenya, working in a completely unstructured & ambiguous start-up type environment, building new teams, strategy, and structure from scratch.

Yohannes is a seasoned professional with results-driven mindset and progressive experience in professional life, offering ample services in assessing businesses with target of maximizing profitability and defining strategic goals.

Possess expertise in bolstering projects, detecting new business opportunities, and observing market trends. Remarkable at pinpointing problematic areas in operations and processes to guarantee continuous improvement. Adept at analyzing data, crafting/enacting optimal business strategy, and interacting with stakeholders.