Akash Mahendra Bhavsar

Mr. Akash Bhavsar is the Managing Director of Skyquest Technology Group, a global technology aggregator and accelerator,  working in the areas of agritech, healthcare, life sciences, nanotechnology, cleantech & ICT since 2006.

He is also the Director at Hewasky Quest Global, a part of SkyQuest Technology Group, operating in US, India, Sub Saharan Africa, China, South East Asia, Latin America. Hewasky Quest Global is a leading manufacturers and suppliers of Healthcare products, including the Covid-19 solutions, availing quality products like Innovative Medical Device and Diagnostics, High Quality Medical Disposables, Pharmaceutical drugs, Biologicals and Vaccines to the government in time.

Mr. Bhavsar is an experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of Commercialization of novel products and exponential technologies. Strong business development professional skilled with Market Research, Business Intelligence, International Market Entry, Licensing, Open Innovation Management in areas of Global Health,     Food, Consumer Goods, Clean Energy and Water Resource Management. Bridging new age tech (AI, ML, Blockchain, New Materials) with Sustainable Development Goals. Pursuing Money with meaning.

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