Amb. Dr. Eno Praise

Amb. Dr. Eno Praise

Kingdom, Institution, Nation and Generational Builder (KING)

With A Personable Approach and Personal Inspiration, I Help Business Professionals and Individuals
Create Executive Presence, Image and Style That Helps Them Attract Opportunities In 90 Days or Less.

I Also Help Corporations Succeed Via Customer Experience Activation, Workforce Activation, Image
Makeover and Personal Mastery.

Dr. Praise is a seasoned, successful, focused and result-driven global leader and a KING. He sits as the
Chairman of Chester bridge Group. He is the also Co-Founder of (PALEDEC) Pan African Leadership and
Entrepreneurship Development Centre, the privileged organizers of The Pan African Humanitarian
Summits and Awards, He is the Executive Director at Leaders Without Borders Development Centre.

The Founder of Classroom2Boardroom Africa, Global Mentors Hub and African Entrepreneurs Network.
He is a World Peace Ambassador with World Peace Tracts, an international Partner with WBAF.

Dr. Eno Praise is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership, Delaware, USA

He is the author of two books “CUSTOMER SERVICE: Make The Difference, Make the Profit” with
foreword by SteveHARRIS and a Note from Sonye Allanah and Executive Presence Brand Development
Workbook with Endorsement from Dr. Cheryl Hill, Mr. Charles O’ Tudor, Dr. Mike Omotosho and Mrs.
Sonye Allanah.

He has an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Leadership and Human Resource Management from Global
Academy of Psychological Sciences, New Delhi, and IIC University of Technology, Cambodia in Dubai,