Ann D’Silva

Ann D’Silva

Ann D’Silva was born in New Delhi and lived for over two decades in Mumbai, India. She is a humanitarian, influencer and a published author. As a social causes champion and her work with rural women empowerment through “India Heart” she was designated as a Global Goodwill Ambassador for India. 

With over two decades of corporate experience across telecommunication, banking, travel and real estate, she has worked in the Far East, Middle East and India during her various assignments. She specializes in developing New Markets Development, Marketing, Strategic Alliances, e-Commerce, Corporate Communication and Content Creation. 

India Heart was her entrepreneurial venture in 2017 that works with rural women in India, to create fashion clothing and accessories for women. 

She became a published author in 2019, her book Sand & Sea; Footprints in the Sand which is now a bestseller, available on Amazon worldwide and Kindle. The second book from the series is called Child of Two Worlds was released in April 2021. Her niche is that she is a Tourism Author, her books give take her audience on a journey across the countries in the book; various cities and their history, the essence of the land and kingdoms that ruled their, the myths, sagas, culture, spirituality, cuisines, people and lifestyle. This gives the audience a vivid landscape to experience of a country. Her books always have a thought provoking social message as well. 

She relocated to Istanbul, Turkey and  founded in 2019 and lives in İstanbul. 

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