Charles Mbindo

Charles Mbindo

My name is Charles Mbindo, originally from Kenya, now proudly African. Started my entrepreneurial journey some 10 years ago after doing my time in the corporate world where I spent 15 years running diverse supply chains & logistics in aviation, media and security services.

Staring off with Logistics Link Ltd in Kenya, I put up a team and worked through the years to develop air, sea and multimodal logistics solutions for a range of customers. We later established branches across East Africa and by 2016 our footprint covered Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda and Zambia.

I’ve spent the last one year establishing our West Africa footprint. We now have a fully-fledged branch in Lagos Nigeria and are looking at expanding to Ghana and Liberia by mid-2018. This expansion is driven mainly by demand from our key Pan-African accounts, with customers demanding one solution for their multi-country operations.

I’ve also invested time and effort to build very strong international networks in the freight industry covering all continents. We are now connected to +1,200 agents across 120 countries who share the same passion – delivery of simplified logistics solutions to an interconnected world.

Besides this I’m actively involved in supply chain and logistics consultancy – when I can spare sometime!

I’m a graduate of Moi University Kenya, Leicester University UK and University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.