H.E Dr. Arc Ajalie Raphael Richard Eluemuno

H.E Dr. Arc Ajalie Raphael Richard Eluemuno

Profile –  A dynamic man with a vision to succeed through honest means. Architect with Executive Masters in Project Management and Masters Degree in Telecommunications.

Nigerian born, trained in USA, India, Dubai, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Liberia & Ghana.


Chairman, Reocomm Group of Companies

Vice President, Asia Africa Chamber of Commerce, USA – Chapter

Chairman/Founder, Reocomm Foundation Global

Chairman, Bluchip Group of Companies

Vice President and Chief of Operations, Young Boss Media, USA & Africa

Managing Partner, Engineers Oil Globe

Member of Parliament, State of the African Diaspora

Co- Founder City Grant Capital LLC, New York, USA

Co- Founder Wellness Pyramid Holdings Corp, New Jersey, USA


(a) Mentorship – Youth Empowerment (Women and Health Awareness Trainings)

(b) Fiber Optics Deployment (OSP, FTTH)- Fiber Capacity Provision.

(c) VSAT Services Deployment

(d) Security Solutions – ICT Firewalling (Mikrotik, Cisco), CCTV, Access Control, Biometric

(e) Architectural Designs, Building Construction & Interior Designs (2D, 3D)

(f) Geological Services – Borehole Services

(g) Renewable Energy Solutions – Solar, Wind and Biomass

(h) Microwave Wireless Services Deployment

(i) Trainings (Fiber FOA, Solar & Inverters, CAD)

(j) Medical Solutions (Medical ERM for Hospitals)

Above all, a team player in a reputable organization with a good business focus providing relevant exposure & challenges in my field, encouraging development, acquisition of skills & achieving organizational goals.

Social media handles

Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/h-e-dr-arc-ajalie-raphael-richard-eluemuno-2194252a/


Instagram – arcelue

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