Hetang Shah

Hetang Shah


A visionary… Change business Catalyst.. have capabilities and experience of turning around Organisation…

A sound finance and management consultant with deep understanding of business process, capital structuring, Business planning and implementation..

Ability to prepare companies for next orbit of sustainable growth and drive the change with team work..

360 degree exposure to entire organisational working system from Business Discovery, Inside out approach, Mentoring, Debt and Equity fund raising… and most importantly advising and hand holding of funds…

Key Industry Association: Banking, IT, Education, Pharma, Healthcare, Specialised engineering, Renewable Energy Industry etc….

Specialties: Organisation building, Risk capital measuring, Organisation Transformation, Financial Management, Public Offering etc..

Having natural knack of empathizing with people, i find my profession, truly rewarding all the times…. I am  pragmatic & believes firmly that…. “Nothing Except Change is Constant”… that human dynamics is an ocean and one can just been able to catch few drops in the first .. That’s why I am here ..