Judy Fleming

Judy Fleming (Director, JFP Global)


  • Singapore citizen, based in Singapore
  • Lifestyle entrepreneur for 20+ years in Real Estate, health & Anti Aging Wellness
  • Studying, assembling & distributing many water-related products for 15 years

Replacing chemicals and removing pesticides using advanced water technology

Water-saving technologies for hospitals, hotels, malls, restaurants and public places (especially in water-scarce areas) intelligent hand wash technology, saving 10 billion litres/year

Converting river/contaminated water into potable water to save lives and support communities in disaster-prone and water-poor communities

  • Partnered and championed the causes of sustainability, environmental awareness, cleantech, greentech, holistic healthcare and poverty alleviation
  • Developed and advocated the SEED model of sustainability:

Social sustainability

Economic sustainability

Environmental sustainability

Developmental sustainability

  • Former EXCO member for many years of ONE Singapore (achievement of UN’s 8 Millennium Development Goals), GUI (Ground Up Initiative, being a back-to-basics reconciliation of man and earth) and other sustainability organisations in Singapore
  • Impacted thousands of lives in dozens of countries in line with personal mission to positively impact 1 million lives
  • Passionate about bringing TRUE HEALTH to the World