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Applying for AACCI Membership; please read the following Terms & Condition very carefully and proceed if you promise to abide by them irrespective of time, place and category of membership.

Terms & Conditions for AACCI Membership
  1. Individuals applying for AACCI Membership, acknowledge herein that they accept the membership requirements and consent to abide by them if such membership is accepted and such consent shall remain in effect, including any changes or amendments as may be added at a later date as long as a member remains a member of AACCI.
  2. Individuals shall, on their application, provide current, honest and accurate information. If any information is found not to be truthful either at the time of review or after membership is granted – membership may be denied or revoked.
  3. Individuals authorize AACCI to receive, review, investigate and gather information on the prospective member for the purpose of investigating their character, general reputation, personal characteristics, mode of living, reputation and financial condition and any other claims made in the application form.
  4. Prospective membership, properly submitted and received, will be generally evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:
    • Prospective member’s reason of interest in membership basis (Social, Lifestyle,  Business Info, etc);
    • Qualifications of prospective members  that would deny membership (criminal or  other background info that would prevent acceptance);
    • Compatibility of the prospective member with the existing members’ lifestyle and  basis of membership;
    • Desire to develop personal or social relationships with existing members;
    • Moral reputation and personal character of the candidate;
    • These and other criteria may be used in evaluating candidates for membership.
  5. Membership acceptance or denial shall be determined without regard to age, race, creed, national origin, gender, religion or physical disability.
  6. A membership may be terminated prematurely by AACCI temporarily or indefinitely without refund of fee if the conduct of the member is found to be inappropriate i.e. a member has violated AACCI Rules, Integrity Code, Code of Conduct, violation of another member’s rights or has exhibited a personality or activity unbecoming of a AACCI member. AACCI’s decisions in any matter related to this is final and not appealable.
  7. A member may leave his/her membership by giving written notice by email to AACCI sighting reasons to leave.
  8. AACCI is not an equity network and no member shall, by the virtue of AACCI Membership, be an owner, equity holder, partner, nor constitute any equitable or voting rights of AACCI. Such AACCI Membership also does not provide any equitable interest in any AACCI assets, trademarks, access to its offices, personal property, business property owned, leased or utilized in connection with the operations of AACCI. No member shall have any right to any accounting or share in, or designate the use of, the revenues, receipts, income or profits realized from the operation, sale or financing of AACCI or the assets a part thereof. Members are not liable for the debts or other obligations of AACCI, past, present, or future. No member shall have any right to determine any management policies or procedures for AACCI operations.
  9. AACCI members are restricted from making statements or providing information to the media, such as news reporters or others in the media, without the express written consent of AACCI.

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