Mr. Selloyee Ponoo Swami Moorthee Pillay (Siven)

Mr. Selloyee Ponoo Swami Moorthee Pillay (Siven)

Founder and Director- Riambel Luxuries Lifestyles Co Ltd

Founder and Director- Smart Human Resource Services Co. Ltd

Founder and Director- Finescope Insurance Brokerage

Founder and Director- SILOY Trading Co Ltd

Mr. Selloyee is the President of the Mauritius Chapter of the Asian African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI), covering the entire South West Indian Ocean Islands (SWIOI). He was born in the southern coastal village of Souillac, a village so named after Souillac in France during the French occupation of the island in the 17th century. He is the fifth generation of the Indian diaspora living in Mauritius. His ancestors came from Pondicherry and had sailed down from the Bay of Bengal  across the Indian Ocean to settle down on the island.

He considers himself privileged to have imbibed two cultures, the Indian and the western. This is due to the earlier occupation of Mauritius by the French and the British who have left their cultural heritage in the lives of Mauritians. Mauritius is multi ethnic, multicultural and multi religious with most of the people there speaking English, French, Creole which is a lingua franca, and oriental languages like Hindi, Tamil and Chinese. The late Mrs Mayavedee Luchmee Davy Selloyee, the mother of Siven, who transmitted to him the rich Tamil culture, was instrumental in awakening his inner sensitivity and intelligence of the heart and in shaping his destiny. Mr. Selloyee’s grandfather, the late Mr Rengaya Nursigadu Naidoo, had been a mentor to him right from his formative years. As chief priest of the village, Mr Naidoo donated part of his land for the construction of schools and temples.

Mr. Selloyee holds an MBA in Human Resources with a distinction in strategic HR. He has served in senior positions in reputable listed corporations and dealing with an average of +2,500 employees, and interacted with top captains of industries. He married Vimla in 2001 and they have an adolescent son Kandy. He has cultivated and knitted friendships in all communities across all strata, building a rich network of relationships.