Mr. Young-lae Nah

Mr. Young-lae Nah


1982:  Hong IK University (Craft Design)

1989:  American University Washington DC, USA Business Administration

1989: Strayed University VA, USA MBA (Marketing)

1989-President Asian Market—-Donut Franchise: Daylight Donut Oklahoma, USA 

1992-President—-Licenseus VA, USA

-Consulting Korean companies to sell their products to USA: (more than 500 Expo Participated all different show)

-Licensed Products (ABC NEWS, Paramount parks, Brave baseball team…)-Plush Toy, Figuring

-Purple World-opened 30 franchise purple color stores (1000 thousands purple color products)

2002 Korea-Japan World Cup Licensed Products(Exclusive USA, Canada, Latin America)- Sell to more than 5000 thousands department stores, Sporting goods store, Home Shopping, Wall-Mart, Sam Club, Macy, Hects, Paramount Park,,,,

2003- Vice President Asian Market—-Merchandise Wholesale Corp LA, USA

-High Brand Closeout Merchandises: all American Department Store Return & Closeout Products=Gucci, Levis, Polo, Nike…..(more than 100,000 brand Products- Sell to Asian Market

2004- Korea (Come back from USA)

Vice Chairman-Korea— Korea Post(English Magazine) 2005

Advisor—-Embassy Staff’s Club (100 Foreign Embassies in Korea) 2005

Chief of PR– –Sol-Hospital (My Brother hospital):

Secretary General—Korean-Morocco Business Association

International Cooperation Advisor—-The 7thWorld Assembly of Disabled Peoples’ in Korea 2005

Foundation chairman of board—-Ambassador Rotary Club in Korea 2006

International Foreign Affairs Advisor—- 2010 Chuncheon World Leisure Congress & Leisure Game:

Senior International Advisor—-Human Development Institute: 2013

Director of External Affairs—-World Miss University Competition 2016

Director of International Cooperation—–FIABCI-KOREA 2017

Committee Member—–The 25thTAFISA World Congress Seoul 2017

Chairman of the International Relation Committee—–2019 AOTCA Busan 17th general meeting & International Tax Conference



Chairman—–South Korea Chapter Youth Chamber of Commerce

Chairman—–South Korea Chapter Youth Chamber of Commerce

Honarary Chairman—– International Taekwon-Do Federation, Pakistan 

Foundation chairman of board—-Global Diplomatic Leisure Club Network (more than 60 Foreign ambassadors are members in Korea):

President —-Global Diplomatic BIZ Club: Consulting Many Foreign Embassies and Foreign Business Delegations.

President—-Global Exchange Academy

President—–Global Briefings:

President—–Global Invest Forum

President—–Global Invest Academy


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