Nina Aouilk

Nina Aouilk

Nina Aouilk is a successful empowerment coach based in London, United Kingdom. She is an international professional speaker having been the first British person to be chosen to speak on America’s number stage for leadership speakers making history.

She is Think Network’s Global Cultural and Diversity Advocate. Think Network is Europe’s largest platform for Empowerment. She is an activist for gender discrimination and honour killings, speaking on this subject in a Ted Talk 2021.

She is an author of Master Your Life, Live the Life of Your Dreams, a self-help book.

She is the host of upcoming controversial “Love from London’s Life Coach Podcast” having interviewed guests such as Matt Fiddes, previously interviewed by Piers Morgan. Matt is the bodyguard and friend of the late Michael Jackson and the owner of the world’s largest franchise for martial arts. She has interviewed Paul Nadeau a hostage negotiator and bodyguard to Oprah Winfrey amongst other guests.

Nina provides life coaching to an elite clientele enabling them to find their personal power and attain a balance between life and work. Her clientele includes women in corporate positions working in male environments.

She has made guest appearances on British Radio talking about the importance of mental health and has been on numerous podcasts all around the world. Nina made herself a personal challenge to speak on 100 podcasts to get across 100 messages of hope.

She is involved with a non-profit DeAfrica to enable that young people get online schooling globally.

She is working with an American non-profit to provide affordable housing for single mothers from ethnic minorities as found herself homeless in 2015 after leaving her partner. She assists at a local non-profit sourcing supplies for the homeless in greater London.

She is recognised as a humanitarian and business advisor across the globe.