Selamawit Zemene

Selamawit Zemene

Selamawit Zemene is passionate about building sustainable cross- cultural business collaborations for Africa. This is evidenced by her ability to build professional bridges between business opportunities and business entities from different national origins and cultural backgrounds.

Her strong experience in coordinating cross-cultural business collaborations is currently underpinned by her Entrepreneurial undertakings between Kenya where her business is domiciled, and the rest of Africa as one of her business expansion market. She is a recipient of the Women Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Award from the Asian-Africa Chamber of Commerce.

Her passion has seen her further her business relationships with stakeholders in USA, Ghana, Italy, Australia. She board member of Association of Kenya Ethiopia Friends and a representative of Global Trading Networks based in USA. She is the Founder and CEO of Signum Company Ltd.

Her driving passion is to build sustainable, impact-driven synergies between Africa’s opportunities and Africa’s resources, by creating viable business collaborations between African and Diaspora businesspersons and Business entities.

She is proficient Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Business Management having over 10 years’ experience. Throughout her profession she successfully managed Business Development departments in the area of Christian Ministry and non-profit organizations. Her proficiency in entrepreneurship is exemplary having received accolades from those organizations she has served.