Smily Mukta Ghoshal

Smily Mukta Ghoshal

Founder & CEO
Natural Beauty Organic Skin & Hair Products

Smily Mukta Ghoshal well known as a “Global ICON/Green Queen, Global Influencer and Celebrity “with Multiple Global Awards as Green Initiative Leader/Positive Role Model, Global Super Mum (Pride Award, 2022 – Mother of Environment, Golden Legend Award, UNGO ONGO Award and Certificate of Appreciation from the Kingdom of Ezeigbo Ohenaeze Central Region Ghana, Award of Humanitarian and great social work from Royal of Amanuban Kingdom West Timor Indonesia, and Award of Peace, Love and Humanity/Certificate of Recognition.

She is one of the Top Women Entrepreneur, 100 Inspirational Women, and Global Glory Icon. Amb. Smily is the Best Green Initiative Leader, Top Women in Business, Women’s World Record, Intl Women Icon to name a few, as the list goes on with many Humanitarian & Global Peace Award as well.

Smily Mukta Ghoshal is a Plant Biologist, Environmentalist, Herbalist, Certified Trainer, Coach/Mentor (Leadership, Personality Groomer), Pageant Ambassador, and Trainer.

She is the Founder & CEO of Natural Beauty Organic Skin & Hair Products, USA. She is a Mission Driven Passionpreneur, Versatile Achievers, Woman of Substance, and Dynamic Personality.

Amb. Smily Mukta who is fondly called Green Queen rose to the Top 20 Woman Outstanding Leadership 2022, GLOBAL INFLUENCER in 2022, and currently awarded as the Mother of Environment, and Peace, Love and Humanity Award.

An Indo-American, plant biologist, based in Dallas, USA, an ex-corporate for over 12 years now, and as a corporate business trainer plugged in her childhood passion as nature lover following nature path & influenced by Ayurvedic Heritage starting her own “Green Beauty line called Natural Beauty which is a brand that customized skin & hair products. She is self-driven, ambitious, go-getting, keen, spirited, lively, and enterprising. Micro unit aiming community benefits to provide an alternative to all synthetic products, and she has aggressively focus on a continuous mission to encourage people worldwide to Go – Green & Introducing Natural Products with a vision to create a natural world away from all synthetics.


  1. Global Green Revolution Campaign (GLOGREENCAM)
  2. and Miss Real Estate Africa Pageant, 2022
  3. Establishment of digital Modelling and Fashion University
  4. Green Revolution Beauty Contest
  5. Waste Tyre, rubber and plastic recycling to pyrolysis oil and diesel factory in Africa
  6. Environmental Safety awareness and Climate Change Campaign in Africa
  7. House of Pageant Reality TV Show.
  8. Ten Million Youth Development Campaign
  9. Celebration of African Twins in Memory of Late Mary Mitshelle Slessor, and Late. Mother Teresa.
  10. African Homeless Children Green Estate
  11. Global Women Entrepreneurs Club
  12. Nollywood – Bollywood – Hollywood Film Industry.
  13. Ekallywood Streaming Blockchain Television
  14. Book launch title: Perfect Way to Save the Child to be a good citizen,
  15. Living with Mr. Farmer Reality TV Show
  16. GreenCoin Search Reality TV Show
  17. Natural Healing Temple Tourist Center
  18. Green Globe Football Club, Etc.


In fact, a lot is being set for the future. Ranging from my different projects and programs that I’m here to champion. Especially my Global Green Revolution Campaign (GLOGREENCAMP) for ten million (10,000,000) youth development, and climate which is a global movement to rekindle the spirit of go – green in saving the earth, humanity and environment, while developing and empowering the young people. It is a platform to ushering in sustainability in all areas of endeavor. With ongoing plan to set up offices in all countries. My campaign on Green Revolution which is the key in restoring the mother earth to its original state void of environmental degradation, water pollution and contamination, bush burning, food shortage, malnutrition, oil spillage, gas flaring, destruction of arable lands, and climate change reduction. Would come with youth involvement and development. Watch out for more details soon.

Amb. Smily Global Green Revolution Campaign worth supporting and it’s my part, and our way of moving the principle of green chemistry which is coming with a guides, framework and real-time analysis for pollution prevention such as: environmental protection, prevention and preservation,  Atom Economy, less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses, Designing Safer Chemicals, Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries, Design for Energy Efficient, Use of Renewable Feed stocks, Reduce Derivatives, Catalysis, and Design for Degradation, etc. You can request for more details on Amb. Smily Global Green Revolution Campaign.

This is a global call to action because my mission is to contribute to the world and serving the environment, and communities to the best of my ability. More than rather chasing profit – profit – profit – making in business, though there is profit in all we do at the end of it all. But I personally believe that every individual have contribution in this quest to save the earth, planet, and humanity. Let’s use our talent, creativity and professionalism wisely in pursuing sustainability for all. So nurse your own passion and make the best of every situation, and grab the opportunities that are abound in the world.