Tamara Raymond

Tamara Raymond

Tamara has spent approximately  a decade in the F & B industry creating a much needed niche within the Sri Lankan market for healthier, locally-sourced, wholesome, meal offerings. Her Brand ‘Life Food’ encapsulates an avant-garde menu where traditional Sri Lankan ingredients meet intercontinental recipes.   She leads a team of young gastronomy experts in the creation of healthier meal offerings that do not compromise on taste, textures & presentation. Think Ayurveda meets SoHo.

Tamara is also an active distributor of Enagic’s Kangen Water Ionisers  within South East Asia and the Middle East, streamlining her focus on health and wellbeing with the tangible benefits of ionised water.

She has been responsible for mentoring a number of up and coming entrepreneurs within Sri Lanka’s F & B industry, guiding them on the establishment of an effective F & B Brand and offering.

Apart from her focus on health and wellness, her company Aramat Holdings was founded by Tamara and her husband Ryan in 1999 as an import & export firm trading mainly with South East Asia and East Asia.  In recent years the company has specialized in the import & export of tea and aparel to China, Australia, U.S.A and the U.K  The company also boasts a wide portfolio of cluster companies under its umbrella, that operate in the spheres of interior design & contracting, furniture manufacturing and the manufacture of maternity clothing.

Tamara has traveled the globe extensively as part of her work both for Aramat Holdings and Kangen, connecting businesses and people across borders through her network of businesses. Her business ethic centers on her outlook of living life holistically, with emphasis on healthy relationships and connections that benefits the collective.