Una Lappin

Una Lappin

Una is an International Humanitarian, Educator and a Connector with two boys and she currently live in Belfast, Ireland.

She has worked as a Nutritionist across two continents, Asia and Africa, within a variety of countries including Afghanistan, South Sudan and Iraq where I was responsible for implementing nutrition surveys, the delivery of feeding programmes and health promotion with GOAL Global, CONCERN Worldwide, ACTED and UN World Food Programme.

She is the Founder and Director of her own business, Unique New Adventure Ltd. www.uniquenewadventure.com which she established in April 2020 to ‘Rejoice in Our Differences Through Education’. She delivers Educational Workshops, Expert Talks, Interviews, and Storytelling from her lived humanitarian experiences.

She is looking forward to furthering this continual sharing of her privileged education from across the world with children and adults, so she is also writing her memoirs from daily journals she kept when she worked internationally.

She was a community nutritionist researcher within the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England and locally she has tackled health inequalities with Irish Travellers and many communities with a focus on mental well-being, food/fuel poverty, homelessness and health literacy.

She is also a voluntary member of the Royal College of GP NI Patient Group and a CONCERN Worldwide Ambassador.

She holds a Diploma in Industrial Studies, a BTEC in Community Capacity Building Trainers Programme, a BSc Hons in Food Technology Management from University of Ulster, a Masters Degree of Science in International Nutrition at University of Aberdeen and she is first author in a scientific publication; Tohill, U.R., Curtis, P.J., Adamson, A.J., Mathers, J.C. (2001) Individual’s perception of diet with regard to health compared with recorded intake. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society. 60, 181A

She is a No1 International Best-Selling Author and a Published Poet.