Vaishali Kamal Shah

Vaishali Kamal Shah

Goal of life:

  1. Develop and spread the message of Vedic science, knowledge, scriptures on various platforms like websites, mobiles, television, Radio, Books, Journals, Magazines etc.
  2. Spread the message of compassion, love and humanity through plant based diet, holistic approach in work places and personal life, eradicate the illiteracy, feed the poor and save the environment and animals.

Awards and accolades:

  1. Hind Rattan Award by NRI Welfare society in Delhi 2017
  2. Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Sanman in the house of Lords in London in 2016
  3. Authentication certificate for the content of the website and course material from Deccan College of Pune, India
  4. Appreciation letters from eminent personalities like Shri Narendra Modiji, Smt Anandiben Patel, Shri Vijay Rupani ji- Chief Minister of Gujarat, Swami Avimukteshwaranandji, Pujya Bhaishree Shri Rameshbhai Oza, Shri Morari Bapu etc.
  5. Various certificates from Kenyan bodies for contribution to uplift the locals as well as various Indian communities
  6. Nav Rattan Award – Delhi – 2016
  7. Honorary Doctorate in Social Sciences from the Young Scientist University of America


  1. Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University
  2. Master of Commerce from Mumbai University
  3. Post Graduate in International Business – Symbiosis University– India
  4. Diploma in Business Management from Somaiya Institute of Management  – Mumbai

Other courses:

  1. Oxford Center for Religious Studies – Five courses on Hinduism
  2. Certificate course on Creative writing
  3. Diploma in Mass Communication
  4. Certificate course on Self-grooming
  5. Certificate course on Food science
  6. Learning Bhagwad Geeta from Iskon – Bhakti Shastri course
  7. Course on Bhagwad Geeta from Chinmaya Mission
  8. Various courses on Vedantic studies from Dayanand Saraswati ji Ashram

Founder of Shrivedant Foundation:

Shrivedant Foundation was established as a family Trust in the year 2001. The primary aim in setting up this Foundation is to unravel the treasures of our ancient Vedic heritage and make it available to all those who are interested in acquainting themselves with the priceless wisdom that has been handed down the ages. Our effort to secure this legacy has been extremely successful. We have been able to digitize Scriptures and make it available to all seekers at the click of the button in the relative comfort of their homes. We have created more than forty thousand researched content in the field of holistic lifestyle, wellness, health, culture, heritage, lifestyle, yoga and other related subjects. The guiding principle of Shrivedant Foundation is Inspire, Believe, Betterment.

The foundation also engages the urban, educated, modern populace across the world with spiritual masters for many intellectual and soul stirring discourses that open up new vistas and unfurls an entirely new purpose to life.

Some of the regular activities of the Foundation are

  • Running an exclusive portal
  • Providing Online and self study material of hindu culture education through
  • Dispatching Newsletter VedVani monthly through portal
  • Running activities of Kenya Vegetarian Club
  • Tree planting and reforestation
  • Women empowerment through vegetable farming and seed donation
  • Youth empowerment through the development of study material for vegetable farming and organic farming
  • Food Outreach Program in the remote area of Kenya, feeding more than 400 kids
  • Built and Managing the Shiv Temple in Kenya
  • Digitization of hindu scriptures numbering more than 500 available in India
  • Translate hindu scriptures in English and Indian languages by Indian scholars
  • Organize Vedic Seminars, Exhibitions and spiritual classes


We have launched a unique and distinct venture to promote Vedic knowledge and Indian culture throughout the world by launching More than 300 scriptures from various schools of thought are available for any scholars or readers to read in the best digital format. There are more than 45000 pages digitized, researched and written on various topics like vedic lifestyle, festivals, rituals, customs, traditions etc. The site has various mantra and sutra, vedic hyms and videos portraying various aspects of hindu culture.

B) Courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies

Vaishali has authored the Course books on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies, a series of twelve books which are offered to interested students all over the world. It is a well structured program conducted in three levels, Basic, Intermediate and Advance for all age groups covering a set of 12 books. The topics are described in the form of four pillars, namely Indian scriptures, Living Vedic Lifestyle, Inside India and Ancient Indian Sciences.

The course material is available online on; the books will be available in the bookstores for self study as well. Soon they will be available on all the leading online bookstores across the world.

C) Kenya Vegetarian Club

Vaishali Shah has established the Kenya Vegetarian Club to support the cause of vegetarianism and save the environment by helping others to switch to a plant based diet. The club endeavors to promote human health, protect animal rights, preserve the environment and improve the lifestyle of the people. Vaishali has been in the forefront, leading a massive tree planting campaign in Kenya and the club has planted more than five thousand trees across the country. She encourages local farmers to grow vegetables and fruits as a commercial venture, she has also been distributing seeds to farmers in the counties to make them financially independent. The seed donation has been appreciated by many local authorities who have joined hands with her to take this up as a massive movement to run across the country. So far the club has donated 60000 seeds to the genuine farmers who have started planting them in their own farms. She has created two thousand jobs through farming within a very short span of time.

D) Conduct Seminars on Benefits of plant based diet:

Vaishali conducts seminars on the benefits of plant-based diet in corporate, private institutes, education centers, schools, colleges, religious organisations across Kenya. She tries to reach out to schools and connects with young kids to make them responsible about the environment and appeal them to own the natural resources.

E) Conduct seminars on Hindu Culture called “Indianising Indians”:

Vaishali is gaining popularity in the corporate world for her seminar on why to be fully Indian in mindset and lifestyle. This seminar gives an idea about how an Indian mind can work and what its capabilities are.

F) Food outreach program

The foundation feeds more than four hundred local kids in the remote area of Kibigori near Kisumu

Other Social work:

  1. Contributed several projects for Hindu Council of Kenya like Business directory, family directory, Cultural programs, International Yoga day etc.
  2. Culture classes for the committee, several cultural programs for Shree Sanatan Hindu Union Temple Kisumu
  3. Associated with various other organization and regularly contribute towards the welfare of            the society

Published Books:

  1. The Veg Safari: It describes the amazing journey of a passionate advocate of vegetarianism in Kenya and the detail reasons put forth by her for the world to embrace plant-based diet to save the environment and animal kingdom.
  2. Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies: It is a set of twelve books describing various aspects of hindu culture and heritage.

Other highlights:

  • Cross culture and Interfaith orator presenting various tenants of Hindu Lifestyle across the globe
  • Conduct seminar “Indianising Indians” for NRIs, Corporate, Religious institutes, individuals, temples and any other cross cultured communities
  • Travel world wide to spread the message of Hindu culture and its benefits through authentic scripture based knowledge
  • Part of many international peace and interfaith forums
  • Continuing with research in the field of Vedic lifestyle
  • Have published researched papers in various research magazines
  • Have travelled extensively to various countries like USA, UK, Other parts of Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, many states with in India to study, connect and share the knowledge of Indian culture
  • Written articles in magazines, newspapers and online journals
  • Write on the personal blog regularly –
  • Written study material for the benefits of Vegetable farming and organic farming for a local institute called The Lake Basin college to encourage farmers

Media coverage of her work:

  • Got featured in many magazines in East Africa, West Africa, India and UK
  • Have done TV interviews and talk shows to promote vegetarianism / veganism on K24, KBC, Q TV, NTV in Kenya