India’s Electronics Exports to Hit US$61 Billion by 2030

In FY 2023-24, India’s electronics exports surpassed US$20 billion, reflecting its growing global competitiveness. Monthly exports rose from INR 200.97 billion (US$2.41 billion) in January 2024 to INR 248.72 billion (US$2.99 billion) in February 2024. Key markets include the U.S. and UAE, with Tamil Nadu emerging as a leading exporter. Projections estimate exports to increase from US$28 billion in 2023 to US$61 billion by 2030, driven by government policies like the National Policy for Electronics and the Production-Linked Incentive Scheme. Despite challenges such as geopolitical tensions and rising global competition, India’s strategic investments and growing manufacturing capabilities are positioning it as a major player in the global electronics market.